How to play

Game Setup

bosstoss aholes bean bag toss bar game (174).jpg
  • Mount board or place on surface 42” off the floor. (If mounting on a wall, fasten the cleat 63” off the floor. Be sure to anchor the cleat in at least one stud in the wall.)

  • Place the Throw Line a distance of 11’ 4” from the back of the game base board.

  • Plug in 12 ft power cord (provided) into back of game and use remote to operate lights for LED light operation.

*The game has a weighted base and is suitable for tabletop play.

 BOSSTOSS/AHOLES Standard Game Play

BOSSTOSS/AHOLES, an alternative to cornhole, is a new and exciting game to entertain your customers and guests, and keep them coming back for more! Compare it to cornhole.

bosstoss aholes bean bag toss bar game (44).jpg

Players earn points (corresponding to where the bag lands on the board: 5, 3, 1, 0). If the bag gets hung up in the hole points are awarded for that hole or -1 points (if the bag has contact with anything other than the board).

  • 2-8 Players are each assigned a peg number

  • Player 1 begins by throwing all four bags, moves his or her peg according to the number of points scored in that turn, and then passed the bags to player 2 and so on.

  • Once one player scores 22 points or more, all other players who have not had an equal number of turns will get one additional attempt.

  • Should more than one player score 22 points in the same turn, the player with the highest score wins.

  • At anytime should any player reach -10, they are out! 


Alternative Game Play: 40 Even

2-8 Players are each assigned a peg number

Players earn 5, 3, 1, or 0 points (corresponding to where the bag lands on board; if the bag gets hung up in the hole, points are awarded for that hole) 

  • Player 1 begins by throwing all four bags, moves his or her peg according to the number of points scored in that turn, and then passes the bags to player 2 and so on. 

  • Once one player scores 40 points exactly (player must throw all four bags; if score is over 40, you go back to 22) all other players who have not had an equal number of turns will get one additional attempt. 

  • Should more than one player score 40 points in the same turn, those players throw all four bags and the highest score wins. 

  • At any time should any player reach -10, they are out!

 Additional Ways to Play


Follow the same rules as two player/team standard play except the only points scored are the point difference between the highest score and the second highest score.

  • Example: Player 1 scores 5 points, player 2 scores 3 points, and player three scores 1 point.  The only points scored would be 2 points for player one.

Calling the Shots

Each player must call out what they are going to score before each bag is thrown. Points are only scored if the player makes the shot they call out. Should a player score anything other than what they call out, they lose that amount of points.


  • Player 1 throws 4 bags from ANY position they choose (could be from 20 feet, at any angle).

  • They total the points from all 4 bags and player 2 must throw from THE SAME position attempting to score more points than player 1.

  • If Player 2 scores more points, then player 1 would be given the letter H but if they score less points, player 2 is awarded the letter H.

  • Play continues until a player has all 4 letters, “HOLE”, and loses.

Lucky 7s & fine 9s

The name of the game is to score a combination of points that equal 7 or 9; nothing more, nothing less. A player can only advance by scoring one of the six following combinations:

  • 7 combos: [5, 1, 1, 0] [5, 3, 0, -1] [3, 3, 1, 0]

  • 9 combos: [5, 5, -1, 0] [5, 3, 1, 0] [3, 3, 3, 0]

The first player to score 22 points wins

Straight 40

Same rules as standard play except the players go until someone reaches 40 rather than 22. Once a player scores 40 or more, the game is over and that player automatically wins.

Full Circle

Players must get (5) 1s, (5) 3s, and (5) 5s to complete the full circle and win the game.